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Help for the Web site HiaOnline.

If you login you get an option to the more links at the top.
This link is My Account Here you can find everything concerning your own work.
Under this option, you will find the following links.
- My Account
- My password
- My package
- My Domains
- Be Defined fields
- My Domains tokon / authcode
- My website
- My invoices
- Direct admin
- My e-mails
- My SQL admin

My Account.
Here you can update your details.
You can add various data such as:
First Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Phone, Email Newsletter and change.
Please note if you are a business registered with us and you knew that.
Then you can apply again through HiaOnline.

my password.
Here you can change the password and the username.

My package .
Under My package are the packages that you ordered from us.
You can also upgrade packages or order a new package.

My domains.
Here you can find all the domains you have geregisterd.
You can use the unsubscribe link cancel the domain.
The termination contract runs until the end.

terminated domains.
Here you can find all domains terminated.
Includes Tokon / Authcode if you have a buyer of you domain
you can still move with the Tokon / Authcode.
Also, you can click an undo the cancellation.
By clicking Cancel.

My website.
Here you will find websites that are created by HiaOnline.

my bills.
These are the bills that are sent to you by HiaOnline.
You can click on an invoice and it immediately opened.
If the bill is open then you can also save the invoice in the computer.
Click on the diskette symbol.

Direct admin.
DirectAdmin can log in directly to your account.
Here you can modify everything and add.
Help in Direct Admin

My E-mails.
Here you can login directly to your e-mails.

My SQL admin.
Opens PHPADMIN for the SQL database.


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The number of login 2423
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Terms and Conditions


General Data Protection Regulation.
For the protection of the privacy of the customer
we delete the customer's data if none
purchases services from HiaOnline.
You can adjust all data known to us
and or have it removed.
Only the E-mail address cannot be changed because
safety is our top priority.

HiaOnline conditions domain registration / virtual

1. HiaOnline reserves the right to charge rates in the interim
modify; you will be notified of this 60 days in advance.

2. In the case of special promotions, apply after the expiry of the
contract duration, which is defined in point 14, the normal
prices. If a product is not exactly the same
return capacity, will be a similar product
be taken as a starting point.

3. HiaOnline uses e-mail for communication. It is the
Client's responsibility to keep an asset at all times
to keep an e-mail address in the HiaOnline account, and e-mails
addressed to this address regularly, but within a maximum of 7

4. In the event of default, misconduct or breach of contract
HiaOnline has the right to provide the services provided
switching without compensation. In case of a
payment arrears HiaOnline switches to a collection agency
in which the costs are fully recovered from the client
will become.

5. The invoice will be sent at least one
month before the due date to the domain holder.
If the invoice is not paid on time, it will expire
the domain. And the domain is no longer
accessible and is quarantined. This quarantine
lasts 40 days and can be revoked via the provider.
This revocation is not free of charge
and will be charged be brought by the provider.

6. The products and services of HiaOnline may only be used
be for legal purposes. HiaOnline does not take any
responsibility for the information posted on the
services. Client will not use the offered services
in connection with sending unsolicited commercial
email (spam). Client will not transfer material to virtual
upload servers of which he does not have the rights
possession. The content and scope of the material
virtual servers may under no circumstances be pornographic,
This is discriminatory or illegal
review of HiaOnline

7. Client declares HiaOnline not responsible
to propose any claims arising from
activities of the client, and HiaOnline undertakes
immediately notify the client of any claims
receives arising from client activities
on the Web. This responsibility expires
not after the termination of this agreement.

8. HiaOnline holds Client responsible for
any damage resulting from misuse of
domain registry services, including but not
only acting contrary to the prevailing
regulations of the registry, applying for
domain transfers without permission, or the
filling in incorrect or fictitious data.

9. HiaOnline aims to maintain the systems as well
possible to keep available and technical or other
malfunctions as much as possible. Client explains
HiaOnline never be held responsible for
possible failure of the service and / or loss of
data or revenue loss due to technical or
other faults.

10. Client will not use the infrastructure of HiaOnline
use it for sending unsolicited commercial
email (spam), nor to use the services of HiaOnline
related to spam. When HiaOnline a valid
receive a complaint about spam from Client, then
HiaOnline will provide the service without notice

and delete the files from Client.

11. The use of scripts and other software
on the servers of HiaOnline is allowed, as long as
this does not jeopardize the functioning of the service
brings. HiaOnline will notify Client
setting any measures.

12. Extra costs due to oven use
of the service are calculated on the
next invoice.

13. Tariffs for the services and products
will be paid by direct debit,
unless otherwise agreed.

14. Client accepts this agreement
HiaOnline for at least
12 months with a written notice period
of at least 1 calendar month. Without writing
counter notice becomes this agreement
tacitly renewed.

15. Until installation of the service
proceeded upon receipt of a signed
agreement and associated appendices.

16. All amounts stated in the Offer are exclusive of VAT.

17. Adjustments to the automatically generated
documents in any way without it
written confirmation by the management of
HiaOnline considered invalid.

18. All consequences and damages resulting from
negligent or improper use
for the benefit of Client.

19. HiaOnline reserves the right to fines
and to impose administrative costs on the User
as a result of acting contrary to the conditions:
such as, for example, the non-collectible of
a claim, making unjustified fault reports,
passing on wrong port information, et cetera.

20. These conditions will go to the letter
of Dutch law.
Should one or more points from this agreement
are not valid for the law, the others remain
points remain valid without prejudice.



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